The NLP Engineer’s Guide to Building a Domain-Aware AI

Written by: The Black Kite Research & Intelligence TEam (BRITE) led by Gokcen Tapkan

While the first volume of this report lays the groundwork for the necessity of custom AI in TPRM, this version delves deeper into domain-specific AI details, specifically tailored for the TPRM sector. Here, you’ll discover the essential steps for implementing task-specific or domain-specific models.

In this edition, we explore:

  • The Need for a Task-Specific AI Model in the TPRM Space
  • Transforming Your Data Into Embeddings: Fine-Tuning
  • Data Engineering
  • Landscape of Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Results and Experiments on UniQuETM Parser 3.0 and Some Well-Known Embedding Models