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Illuminate the entire contractor supply chain & manage regulatory requirements with the industry’s largest repository of threat intelligence.

The President identified cybersecurity and supply chain risk management as top priorities at all levels of government. U.S. adversaries and competitors use cyber espionage as a tactic to steal intellectual property and erode the global competitiveness of U.S. companies serving the Federal Government. As regulatory calls-to-action increase, intel sharing and collaboration across departments and agencies continues to be a significant challenge.

Black Kite provides visibility into critical vulnerabilities of public and private sector domains to improve your overall cybersecurity posture and prevent intrusions.

Black Kite’s Government Contract Vehicles

Black Kite’s Federal Solutions Preserve Critical National Security Functions

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Operationalize cyber threat data and put your limited resources to better use

Black Kite passively scans an organization’s public digital footprint for possible security risks, such as known, unpatched vulnerabilities or open network ports across 292 technical controls. Black Kite operationalizes real time cyber threat data with a platform that does the heavy lifting, so you can focus your limited cyber resources on fixing the most critical vulnerabilities.

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Collaborate across departments, agencies and private sector organizations

Adversaries constantly shift TTP’s to adapt to their environment, while agencies remain challenged to collect, analyze, distribute and operationalize data streams. Black Kite’s asset-discovery engine collects the related information from VirusTotal, PassiveTotal, web search engines, and other Internet-wide scanners by way of one of the largest IP & Domain Whois databases, which holds more than one billion (1B) historical items.

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Proactive measures to protect critical infrastructure

Fortune 500 companies and government agencies rely on Black Kite’s thorough risk assessment to expose supply chain risk. Using AI and machine learning, we diagnose behavior patterns to better recognize anomalies, allowing organizations to remediate the most critical vulnerabilities and maintain crucial operations functions.

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Manage regulatory requirements through an automated vendor compliance gap analysis

Not all companies who claim to illuminate supply chain risks are created equal. With over 34 million companies in our data lake, Black Kite helps Departments and Agencies confirm cyber compliance from vendors who support Federal, State, and local governments. Where public information is missing, the UniQuE Parser maps policy documentation to 14 global frameworks including NIST 800-53 and 171, NIST CSF, CMMC, and more.

Required to comply with 2019 NDAA Section 889? Black Kite can provide a mapped list of all five companies, their subsidiaries and affiliates.

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