Third Party Risk Intelligence

Built from a Hacker’s Perspective

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360° View of Cyber Posture

Black Kite fills a fundamental security gap by making it simple for businesses to non-invasively quantify and monitor cyber risk across thousands of third parties. We provide intelligence from a technical, financial and compliance perspective: eliminating false positives and ensuring a holistic approach to vendor risk management.

Cyber Ratings Platform

Technical Cyber Rating

Gain an easy-to-understand, trustworthy snapshot of your supply chain risk by visualizing defensible intelligence in the form of a letter grade. Black Kite utilizes industry-standard MITRE frameworks to convert technical data into digestible findings – allowing successful communication of risk to senior stakeholders.

Risk Quantification

Black Kite uses the Open FAIR™ model to calculate the probable financial impact if a third-party vendor, partner, or supplier experiences a breach. Black Kite communicates this risk in quantitative, easy-to-understand business terms, facilitating a common language between IT and senior stakeholders.

Compliance Correlation

Meet compliance requirements within hours, using automated parsing technology that maps to globally-recognized standards and frameworks with our UnIQue Parser. Additionally, the cross-correlation capability measures the external compliance level of a target company based on the standard input, saving time and effort for both you and your vendors.

Ransomware susceptibility

The only cyber rating platform with a tool to detect the likelihood of a ransomware attack to your organization. The Ransomware Susceptibility Index® utilizes data analysis techniques and common indicators, including a third party’s location, industry, and annual revenue. By becoming aware of your risk, you can avoid business interruption and data loss by using our reliable data to develop informed policies around all emerging threats.

Where Insight Takes Flight™

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360° Degree View of Cyber Risk

Providing intelligence from a technical, financial and compliance perspective, Black Kite eliminates false positives and ensures a holistic approach to vendor risk management.

Standards-Based Data

Black Kite is the world’s only fully transparent, standards-based cyber ratings platform, ensuring all users know exactly how their findings are calculated.

Unmatched Scalability

Engineering the largest data lake in the world, Black Kite provides you with visibility into over 34 million companies and counting, with 20+ risk categories and 290 controls – 3x the competition.

Powerful Performance behind 20 Categories

The total score is a weighted average of 20 category components,

providing unmatched breadth and insight into detected vulnerabilities.

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Black Kite’s new tagging feature that automatically flags vendors who have experienced a data breach, ransomware attack or other significant cyber incident.

Within hours of an event, new tags are created for:
  • Data breaches
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Geopolitical incidents, like the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Software vulnerabilities

Black Kite vs. Competitors

Key players in the Security Rating Services (SRS) market (Black Kite, BitSight, SecurityScorecard, RiskRecon, and UpGuard) focus on publicly accessible, external data sources when performing vendor assessments. Although each player has a different approach, all providers in the SRS market use similar resources and techniques to collect data.

However, not all SRS providers are equal in terms of usability, analytics, compliance, technical depth, and threat intelligence capabilities. Compare Black Kite’s Cyber Risk Score with other SRS products in the market to help you make a better-informed decision.


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Technical Depth

Threat Intelligence




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