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Welcome to the Black Kite Aviator Partner Program

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Sharing the Runway Partnership for a Well-Rounded Cyber Strategy

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At Black Kite, our mission is to build the most trustworthy cyber rating system in the world. Our partners are a global fleet of experienced, practical thinkers dedicated to expanding the value of our solution in order to reduce uncertainty around cyber risk.

Why Partner with Black Kite?

Fly in Formation

Enable your ecosystem to access security assessments they understand, quickly and easily. Black Kite’s joint ventures ensure greater enablement and success, giving partners a chance to be true thought leaders in the cyber ratings space.

Explore New Destinations

Leverage Black Kite’s technology to drive better opportunities. Whether it’s through direct integration or joint resale of the product, our platform is constantly evolving to provide additional value.

Avoid Turbulence

Black Kite’s partner program provides the tools to make risk-based decisions simple, through:

  • A defensible platform that simplifies third party risk management
  • Open-source intelligence & non-intrusive scans
  • Automated & continuous monitoring
  • Strategy reports with simple steps to mitigate risk
  • 3-in-1 Protection for third party risk: Technical, financial, and compliance
Reduce Your Drag

Enhance your skill set with access to training, marketing and sales resources to build a solid understanding of how our security ratings address today’s challenges.

Share the Runway

Expand our ability to reach new audiences, sharing our valuable security insights with customers around the world. Our partners have direct access to a team of channel professionals, engineers, customer success experts, salespeople and more to share decades of experience in the world of cyber.

Trust Your Flight Plan

Black Kite’s platform holds over 25 million lines of global cyber data and utilizes 1,000+ open-source intelligence resources to provide powerful insights. Our competitors utilize proprietary methodology, however our platform is based on globally-recognized standards so partners can provide their customers with actionable information from trusted sources.

Black Kite Launches Aviator Partner Program

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Thanks to eChannel News for helping us announce the Black Kite Aviator Partner Program.

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