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Want to Become a Black Kite Partner?

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Empower Others

Our partners enable their customers to access security assessments with ease that they can understand. Black Kite’s joint ventures ensure success quickly, and our partners benefit as they expand their services, opportunities, and revenue.

Make Better Business Decisions

Black Kite’s partner program provides participants the tools to make risk-based decisions through the following:

  • A defensible data platform that does the work for you
  • Open-source intelligence
  • Automated & continuous monitoring
  • Strategy reports with simple steps to mitigate risk
  • Full visibility from a 3D perspective (technical, financial, compliance)


Black Kite partners expand our ability to reach new audiences worldwide that can benefit from our valuable security insights and easy-to-understand solutions.

Black Kite partners work collaboratively to:

  • Proactively assess cyber risk
  • Increase visibility into potential third party risks using Black Kite solutions

Want to Become a Partner?