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Identifying Cyber Risk for Healthcare

Ensure the safety and security of patient health information, and comply with relevant regulations.

We don’t care about cyber incidents, we care about data losses, penalties, and have I lost control of my data? Black Kite automates all of this.

CISO, $30B+ Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company

Automated Continuous Monitoring

for Healthcare Services

Housing some of the largest databases of sensitive information, healthcare services are a prime target for opportunistic cybercriminals. Global regulations are increasing the importance of accurate and continuous cyber risk monitoring. Black Kite yields the largest digital footprint with the most unique controls to provide quality data to ensure the safety and security of patient health information, and comply with relevant regulations.

Exclusive Industry Insight

10% of global pharmaceutical manufacturers are at a high risk of suffering a ransomware attack.

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Learn how Black Kite can help you quantify and maintain visibility of your cyber risk exposure.


1. Automate Manual Processes

Stop worrying about limited manpower and budget. By continually identifying gaps and prioritizing remediation efforts where exposure is highest, your security team can now effectively remove blind spots. Alongside an evolving threat landscape that requires greater focus and resources on early detection and response, Black Kite makes the arduous process of assessing hundreds to thousands of third parties – simple.

2. Cross Correlate Findings to Industry Standards

Black Kite correlates cyber risk findings to industry standards and best practices. The classification allows you to measure the compliance level of any company for different regulations and standards, including NIST 800-53, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, Data Privacy Regulations and others. The cross-correlation capability measures the compliance level of a target company based on the standard input, saving time and effort for both you and your vendors. Black Kite’s advanced AI algorithm then estimates the compliance level for the other regulations/frameworks using prior compliance standards.

3. Quality Insight & Accurate Data – The First Time

Defensible, clear-cut data with minimal false positives. Black Kite’s platform was built to provide full visibility into a vendor’s cyber position, using the same open-source intelligence tools and techniques hackers use. Our methodology follows and applies commonly-used frameworks developed by the MITRE Corporation for scoring software weaknesses in a consistent, flexible, and transparent manner, converting highly technical terms into business language for executives.

4. Prevent Unrecognized Risk

The COVID-19 global pandemic has required the healthcare sector to transform digitally at an unimaginable rate. You need quality and defense in depth. Black Kite reduces the uncertainty around your cyber risk with a high quality platform that does the work for you.

Scalable, all-encompassing, and tailored to identify your problem areas, our platform isn’t just another cyber rating tool. It tells you which vendors pose the highest risk to your company, without creating more work for you.

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