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Underwrite Cyber Insurance Policies with Confidence

Successfully manage your policyholders’ risk while understanding ransomware impact in your underwriting.

My job is to protect the company. If I’m not looking at risk indicators and I have the power of this platform, I am doing a disservice to the company by not using it.

Patricia Titus, Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer at Markel

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

for Insurance Underwriters

Ransomware attacks and common provider events have multiplied the demand for cyber insurance and skyrocketed premiums correspondingly. Without technology to automate the assessment of your policyholders’ risk, weeding through lengthy manual applications can be time-consuming. Black Kite makes it simple, by providing easy-to-understand letter grade ratings and putting cyber risk in a language your business can understand and manage.

Exclusive Industry Insight

More than 1/4 of Fortune 100 companies are highly susceptible to a ransomware attack.

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Learn how Black Kite can help you quantify and maintain visibility of your cyber risk exposure.


1. Assess Ransomware Exposure with RSI™

Black Kite’s Ransomware Susceptibility Index™ helps underwriters expose which accounts or prospects in their portfolio are most susceptible to ransomware. The RSI™can help to avoid high-risk accounts, provide tips to insureds to improve their ransomware susceptibility or help underwriters shape premiums, SIRs and attachment points.

2. Streamline the Underwriting Process

Stop worrying about lack of time for your underwriters to respond to broker and policyholder needs. Black Kite makes the arduous process of assessing dozens of risk factors simple. With simply a top-level domain, Black Kite is able to produce an easy to read technical report within minutes to expedite the application process.

3. Improve and Quantify Risk Selection

Underwriters can take real-time financial data to select and price insureds. Black Kite’s automated risk quantification model helps cost-effectively achieve and maintain an acceptable loss ratio well as garner support from senior management. Black Kite’s benchmarking tool allows underwriters to compare accounts to for a better understanding of individual account exposure and to help set premiums, SIRs and attachment points.

4. Automated Continuous Monitoring

Take advantage of 24/7 risk intelligence and gain visibility into your entire ecosystem. Black Kite yields the largest digital footprint to provide quality data so underwriters understand when an insured’s risk profile may be more hazardous. Underwriters can adjust pricing or notify insureds of changes to their profile to help prevent or mitigate claims, and in turn protect the bottom line. Black Kite remains focused on relevant risk, with adaptations and additions that serve the current risk climate. An example includes Log4j monitoring, an addition to our platform that allows tag-based monitoring for impacted vendors.

5. Decrease Loss Ratios

Black Kite’s platform can reduce loss ratios with better risk selection. Strategy reports identify areas of improvement and prioritize remediation efforts correspondingly.

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