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Standards-Based Risk Intelligence for Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Underwrite Cyber Insurance & Manage Portfolio Risk with Black Kite.

Cyber insurance policies must keep up with today’s ever-changing cyber threat landscape– and manual, point-in-time risk assessments aren’t enough. Whether it’s analyzing an applicant’s cyber hygiene, or conducting an aggregated cyber risk assessment– Black Kite offers insurance carriers a holistic risk analysis solution designed to grow alongside investment portfolios.

Exclusive Industry Insight

More than half of the largest insurance carriers are 3x more likely to experience a cyber breach than those with top ratings.

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Meet evolving demands for cyber insurance coverage

When the ransomware attack epidemic began, Black Kite responded with the Ransomware Susceptibility Index™–the world’s first and only ransomware indication tool.

Underwrite with confidence and consistency

Whether it’s pricing policies or making investment decisions—Black Kite’s benchmarking capabilities and standards-based intelligence transforms inconsistency into uniformity.

Avoid the back and forth between applicants and brokers

Maximize production levels and avoid burnout with Black Kite’s automated third-party risk intelligence and strategy reports that take on the brunt work.

Achieve continuous risk visibility

Every second counts when it comes to portfolio management. Using only one domain, Black Kite offers a multidimensional view of any entity’s attack surface 24/7/365.

Protect your business and gain stakeholder trust

Maintain an acceptable portfolio loss ratio and ensure diversification with Black Kite’s OpenFAIR™-based risk quantification model.

Consumers rely on credit monitors. Insurance carriers rely on Black Kite.

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