In our first annual Ransomware Threat Landscape Report, Black Kite Research conducted an analysis and gathering of ransomware attacks over the last year. The report examines the evolving landscape of ransomware attacks from April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023, including 2,708 ransomware victims whose names were publicized by ransomware groups on their underground blogs.

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  • Why ransomware attacks resurged in early 2023, and the new threat actors associated with the surge.
  • Top targeted industries, like manufacturing, technical services, and education.
  • The top ransomware threat actors and who they targeted.
  • Why ransomware groups tended to target companies with annual revenues of around $50M to $60M.
  • Ransomware attacks have long dominated the cybersecurity landscape. However, a new trend is emerging: encryption-less ransomware. What is it?
  • A special section on the top 13 ransomware threat actors of the last 12 months, and details about each group included.

By understanding the complexities of the ransomware landscape in 2023, recognizing the patterns of these cybercriminals, and acknowledging the challenges faced by cybersecurity professionals, organizations can make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies, invest in the right defenses, and ultimately reduce their susceptibility to ransomware attacks.

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