How Bad Actors Got Smarter — And How Security Teams Measured Up

In 2023, we saw a fierce battle between security professionals and bad actors, each vying to get one step ahead of the other and stay there.

Case in point: In 2023, there were more third-party breaches (81) than in 2022 (63), but with a smaller cascading impact (251 impacted companies, compared to 298 in 2022). Third-party breach mitigation strategies might be starting to stick, but bad actors are relentless in their pursuit to find and breach any possible security weaknesses.

Our research team aggregated and analyzed data from a variety of OSINT and exclusive resources to identify these evolving strategies for third-party breaches, the profiles of threat actors involved, the most affected sectors, and the most significant breaches of the year.

Our goal? To provide security teams with insights on how the threat landscape is changing so they can better navigate the challenges of third-party risk management.

Dig into the 2024 Black Kite Third-Party Breach Report to learn about:

  • The most common root cause of breaches.
  • The most impacted industries.
  • The most destructive third-party breaches of 2023.
  • Trends in attack aftermath.

Are you building your third party risk program and interested to see what Black Kite can do for you?