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Take Charge of Cyber Risk

With unique FREE services for cyber threat intelligence

Black Kite offers free unique services to the public for you to better understand your cyber risk posture. Know if your account has been compromised, analyze fraudulent domains, and see hundreds of blacklisted IP addresses collected from our honeypot system. Our extensive and defensible database can instantaneously detect vulnerabilities so you can take action.

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Domain Phishing

Generate possible words from your domain name and search those words in all domain name databases to detect domain spoofing and phishing.

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IP Blacklist

Search your IP assets via Black Kite’s IP Blacklist Service to detect if your IP address appears in any blacklist.

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Account Breach

Black Kite Breach Service helps you to identify if your account has been compromised before. Search your domain or email address in our breach database for immediate detection.

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Phishing Domain Feeds

Follow, download and analyze fraudulent domains per day that are defined as risky from our proprietary phishing algorithm.

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Honeypot Feeds

Collect hundreds of blacklisted IP addresses per day that are defined as risky from our honeypot system.

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GDPR Checker

See the compliance levels of your organization according to GDPR standards.

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IP Hygiene Report

Get your IP hygiene report today.

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