The Europe Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) proposed by Europe Commission became active after May 25, 2018. GDPR has very strict rules about collecting, storing, and processing data. Gathering even very small piece of information about an EU citizen requires consent from customer/visitor and very high responsibility for the companies. The fines are quite high in case of breach, they are up to as high as 20 million Euros or 4% of annual global turnover (yes, you read it right. It is global!), whichever is the highest.

Therefore, asking to fill a form even for a newsletter requires some adjustment to comply GDPR rules and to avoid penalties.

Are you GDPR-compliant? Check now with GDPR Checker

Do you have knowledge about GDPR and how to be GDPR compliant? With our new service GDPR Checker, you can see how compliant is your organisation is and what else can you do to be more compliant with a questionnaire in 10 steps.

Go to and enter your domain name.

gdpr compliance checker

The questions will appear and, based on your basic Yes or No answers, GDPR Checker will show your GDPR compliance level and suggestions on how to improve it.

gdpr compliance checker

If your organization does not process data from any data subject who is EU citizen, then you may not need to worry about GDPR compliance. But before saying No to that question, think twice. If you expect visitors to your website or customers from Europe, or with any tiny possibility that you may collect data from an EU citizen, then the answer should be Yes. If any of your third parties which collect information on behalf of you in Europe, then the answer is still Yes.

gdpr compliance checker

You should consider not only the customer or visitors to your website, but also your employees in terms of GDPR compliance. If you collect any data on them (and most likely that you do), feel free to begin GDPR checker.

After you completed the questionnaire, click on the Finish button and scroll down the see the results. The results show how much you are compliant with GDPR rules in percentage and suggestion to improve your GDPR compliance for each point.

gdpr compliance checker results

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