Cyber risk intelligence is the most valuable resource for organizations navigating today’s ever-evolving threat landscape because it allows security pros to stay one step ahead of malicious attacks. Several solutions on the market claim to deliver accurate, real-time intelligence but, ultimately, many of these tools fall short because they can’t act with speed, context, and accuracy at scale.

That’s where Black Kite comes in. We designed our platform with specific capabilities for faster data collection, analysis, and contextualization at the volume today’s threat landscape requires.

Black Kite delivers the cyber risk intelligence you need, right when you need it — which helps drive timely, accurate, and meaningful business decisions.

When Others Can’t, Black Kite Delivers

The need for risk intelligence isn’t anything new. Hundreds of solutions online claim to fill knowledge and data gaps for cybersecurity programs. However, these traditional approaches are no longer up to the security demands of the modern threat landscape because they all too often present qualitative instead of quantitative pictures of risk.

When organizations rely on out-of-date approaches, they get intelligence that’s:

  • Contextless. Solutions that simply offer large data dumps can be more stressful than helpful. Data for data’s sake leaves already resource-strained security teams with the additional task of contextualizing data against their organization’s needs.
  • Filled with false positives. Intelligence solutions that collect data without context have no guarantee that all data collected will be accurate or informed. When organizations make decisions based on faulty data, they can quickly go down a path that leaves them more vulnerable than before.
  • Opaque. Most traditional solutions do not detail how they calculate their insights. This ultimately leaves security teams to blindly trust a qualitative picture of their vendors’ and services’ cyber hygiene.

That’s not the type of intelligence you’ll get with Black Kite. Learn how our platform transforms data into contextualized insights that empower the critical risk strategies your organization needs to defend against imminent threats — in three easy steps.

Step One: Gather the Right Data

A robust cyber risk intelligence program starts with collecting the right data. That’s why Black Kite searches for data from well over 400 sources and measures it against unique, customizable controls determined by your organization.

We aren’t gathering information just for the sake of gathering information. Our platform identifies and delivers the risk events, updates, and news that matter to you based on what you tell us.

Additionally, Black Kite curates data depending on your organization’s vendors and services of interest. As a result, your security teams won’t be inundated by intelligence on vulnerabilities that your third parties don’t even have — or information on events that don’t even affect your industry. You’ll only get the insights you need on the events, vulnerabilities, or breaches that actually have the potential to impact you, further streamlining the entire intelligence process.

Step Two: Assess for Accuracy

Data collection means nothing if the information you’ve gathered is inaccurate. Even worse, making critical risk decisions based on faulty data can lead to a ripple effect of security issues down the line.

Black Kite’s cyber-aware AI collects, analyzes, and validates collected data before it ever reaches your security teams’ desks. We utilize non-intrusive scanning methods to vet insights across hundreds of open-source resources, including:

  • Known vulnerability databases (NIST, MITRE).
  • Hacker forums.
  • Security scanning services.

With over a billion historical items at our fingertips, our platform ensures your organization receives information that is as accurate as it is timely.

Step Three: Contextualize To Drive Results

Instead of doing a surface-level data dump, we transform data into cyber risk intelligence by contextualizing it across several dimensions. These dimensions include:

  • Ransomware Susceptibility Index® (RSI™). This component of the Black Kite platform analyzes several data points in your vendors’ risk profiles — including credential leaks and email security measures as well as company location, industry, and annual revenue — to determine their probability of falling victim to a ransomware attack.
  • Compliance Correlation. Our compliance module automatically checks your vendors and services against your organization’s selected frameworks and standards.
  • Cyber Risk Quantification (using FAIR). We use the Open FAIR™ model to transform insights from qualitative to quantitative assessments of risk. Our Cyber Risk Quantification module calculates the probable financial impact if a third-party partner experiences a breach, which helps security teams communicate risk in concrete business terms.
  • Technical Ratings. On top of all that, we provide your security teams with a technical rating by measuring vendor data against 20 risk categories. We even offer free cyber ratings to specifically demonstrate how we increase visibility of your vendors’ risk postures.

Our platform’s modules provide your organization with highly specific, analyzed, and contextualized intelligence that builds a strong foundation for effective and efficient cyber risk strategies.

Use Black Kite for Better Business Decisions

Today’s threat landscape requires fast and proactive business decisions. But without a strong foundation of intelligence, security teams can often feel like they’re strategizing while flying blind.

Fly blindly no more. Black Kite delivers the cyber risk intelligence organizations need to drive those business decisions when and where it matters. With our platform, your security teams can rest assured that the data they receive is accurate, timely, and contextualized with insights relevant to your organization’s needs.

Ready to unlock risk intelligence you can trust?

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