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New Automated Tool Calculates Supply Chain Ransomware Susceptibility

The Ransomware Susceptibility Index® Analyzes Technical and Financial Data to Determine Likelihood of a Ransomware Attack on Vendors and Business Partners

BOSTON  – May 3, 2021

Black Kite, a leading cybersecurity ratings provider, today released the first automated ransomware service that assesses the likelihood of a ransomware attack on organizations and their vendors, suppliers, and business partners. The Ransomware Susceptibility Index® (RSI™) enables companies to gauge the ransomware attack risk of any vendor within minutes.

Ransomware was the most common cyber threat to organizations in 2020. An attack on a company creates significant cyber risk to any organization it does business with. Companies must continuously monitor vendors and trading partners within their supply chains to maintain a real-time assessment of the potential for ransomware attacks.

The RSI™ inspects, transforms, and models data collected from various open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources and leverages machine learning to approximate ransomware risk.  The susceptibility scale ranges from 0.0 (lowest likelihood of attack) to 1.0 (highest likelihood of attack). The patent-pending RSI™ examines 26 unique controls to calculate index approximations. Black Kite provides all calculation formulas for full transparency.

“Ransomware attacks have proven to be debilitating and costly to both companies and governments,” said Bob Maley, Chief Security Officer of Black Kite. “We know that there are tell-tale indicators that a company is more attractive to ransomware attackers. For the first time, the RSI™ gives organizations warning about the ransomware susceptibility of all companies within their supply chain.”

The RSI™ enables organizations to deploy a three-pronged approach to proactive ransomware protections:

  1. Understand which vendors are most prone to ransomware and calculate event susceptibility within minutes.
  2. Develop an effective course of action for remediation by cross-correlating with Black Kite’s Cyber Risk Assessment findings.
  3. Avoid production, reputation, and financial losses by using reliable data to develop more informed policies.

About Black Kite

Black Kite is the only cyber risk rating platform focused on alerting your business to third-party risks. Built on the latest cloud technology to automate scalability, risk assessment times are reduced from weeks to hours. In addition to an easy-to-understand letter grade rating system, Black Kite is the only SRS tool to quantify risk using Open FAIR, communicating risk in business terms executives understand. Unlike other cyber rating products, there’s no “secret sauce.” Every third-party cyber risk assessment is standards-based and fully transparent so that all users not only trust their data, but they know how to manage it. Every day Black Kite pushes towards one common mission: to build the most trustworthy cyber rating system in the world.


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